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Philip C Jones

6 Tips for Selling Your Art Online

by Philip C Jones


How to sell your paintings online? Present your art in the most professional way possible. Ideally, showcase your art in a gallery, an online gallery if you want to sell your art online. has the online art gallery requirements I recommend. I have used this gallery myself. They give you a 14-day free trial. It's a win win situation. You might want to click on the link above and take a look at it.

2.Traffic, traffic, traffic!

Even if you have the most beautiful paintings in the world in your gallery, you will have little success selling your work unless people know where you are. Market your art through free ads, paid ads if you like, pay-per-click ads, websites, blogs, forums and articles.
Write "how to" articles about art. This is a great way to generate traffic to your site. At the end of your article say something like: "Want to see my art? Click on '(your name) Art' below in my resource box." Let the "(your name) Art" be a hyperlink to your art gallery.
Also, have business cards made up and distribute them in as many ways possible. Be as creative as you want in marketing your art. Just use common sense and be wise not to do anything evil.

I must mention Ebay gets lots of traffic, but you are probably going to have to lower your prices to compete with other works like your own. Clients looking for great bargains go to Make sure you put a price reserve on your work. You don't want to sell your work for ten cents. Remember, is an auction site.
Also, you will probably have to be a well known established artist to sell your work there for large amounts of money. But, if you are willing to sell your work at low competitive prices then check it out. offers you free advertizing for your art.


If you're way too sensitive and thinned skinned, get over it. Criticism is one of your best money-making friends. Why? Because you want to find out what people like and don't like about your art so you can fix it and make your art more salable. Go out of your way to get criticism of your art by asking friends, strangers (safe strangers!), forum groups, art teachers, art professors and even art appraisers if you want to spend the money for their opinions. Even Leonardo da Vinci asked for criticism concerning his painting of the "The Last Supper."


Creating your work should be a constant learning process, ever improving because the more knowledge you have of the laws and rules of art the better your skills, hence greater financial return on your art. So what is needed to improve your artistic eye and skills. Look at great paintings and try to see why their art is so good. Take an art class. Read "how to" books and articles. Grow in your knowledge of what makes great art.

5.Pricing your art - Too High, Too Low?

Check out your competition, paintings similiar to your own work. What are their art prices? Get opinions from people about your art pricing. Remember, be thick-skinned, for they are only helping you decide on the correct pricing for your art. Test your pricing. If it sells too quickly (how wonderful!), perhaps you could raise the price. If it is not selling, then your pricing is probably too high. Test, test, test. Consider having prints made of your originals because it would give you a whole new extra pricing market. Some people would rather pay for a print than to pay more for an original work.

6.The Golden Selling Secret

There is one qualification you must meet for this selling secret to work for you. You must be born again (saved). If you are not born again (saved), go to How to Be Saved to receive salvation and come back here.

If you are saved, then understand God wants you to succeed in life. He wants to give you the desires of your heart, but you must be living a life free from sin. That means no grumbling, complaining, lusting, no living in unforgiveness toward someone, no lying, et cetera. In other words, you must be living a holy life for God to release His blessings in your life. So, if there is any sin in your life, repent of it and then ask God the Father in Jesus' name according to Mark 11:24 to bless and anoint your art and give you favor with people so they will buy your work. Here is the scripture found in Mark 11:24: "Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." The key for this verse to work for you is you must believe you receive the answer to your prayer the moment you pray. To better understand how Mark 11:24 works for anything you desire, go to How to Use Mark 11:24.

Enjoy your divine gift, the unique ability to express yourself through art.

This article may be reprinted or used freely, but it must be in its entirety including the author's name: Philip C Jones

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Books on Selling Your Art

The Everything Guide to Selling Arts & Crafts Online: How to sell on Etsy, eBay, your storefront, and everywhere else online by Kim Solga. "Your guide to online success! Here's all you need to realize your dreams of turning your handiwork into cash--online! With the popularity of Etsy and Pinterest, serious art and craft buyers and sellers are turning to the online world to buy, sell, and promote beautiful, homemade creations...but where to start? This A-Z guide provides expert advice on building an online presence and getting your creations into the hands of buyers, including:

"Tips on creating a sound business plan. Techniques for writing effective copy and taking professional-level photographs. Help with creating a comprehensive marketing strategy. Ways to increase sales through online networking and social media. Best practices for accounting, packing, shipping, and customer service.

"You'll learn about the pros and cons of all the major art and craft sites, as well as tips for creating your own store online. With The Everything Guide to Selling Arts & Crafts Online, your online business can be up and running in no time!"

How to be a Successful Entrepreneur Selling Your Art by J.D. Rockefeller. "An artist doesn’t need to starve for their passion. Outdoor shows, brick and mortar locations, the internet and the availability of more venues has made it easier for creative entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their work. Selling artwork is, however, a competitive endeavor, and that has forced artists to produce beautiful and quality work that is competitively priced. To be successful with your ambition, you need to crunch the numbers, gradually build your business and create sales in low-cost venues before you move on to bigger arenas.

"Selling artwork or anything for that matter is an important business skill. Not everybody possesses the gift or talent to venture into the life of selling. However with this in mind, we should at least be able to sell one thing: and that’s ourselves. For an entrepreneur, your ability to convince potential buyers that you are someone capable of doing business with is vital for success. There’s no secret between the connection of art and money. A shocking idea is one that states that no artist is destined for starvation and poverty. If you are a passionate and creative artist, you can make some good money from your work, feel great about it and generate a massive following of supporters for your career. And that’s true!

"You may ask yourself why so many artists falter in the quest to make a living from art? The positive thing however is that many artists fail simply not because they don’t have the creativity or talent to produce great work, but rather because they haven’t been adequately trained to represent themselves properly to build customer bases and actually sell their amazing work.

"If you look at it this way, the olden day way of generating fame and fortune as an artist was about receiving favors of gatekeepers. Starting with patronage systems in Europe all the way to museums and galleries of our modern days. The olden way was simply about groveling for endorsements for outsiders, who at the time collected massive percentages of what artists earned in exchange for representation. This was of course very effective for the gatekeepers.

"Although the olden day method still works for a fewer number of artists, the drawback is its zero-sum game, which makes it hard to break in. The good thing is that there are more clear alternatives."

#1 Best Seller

How to Sell Your Art Online by Cory Huff. "An essential guide for every kind of artist that teaches them how to skip the gallery system, find their niche, and connect directly with collectors to profitably sell their art.

For years, galleries have acted as gatekeeper separating artists and collectors. But with the explosion of the Internet, a new generation of savvy, independent artists is connecting with buyers and making a substantial living doing what they love.

How to Sell Your Art Online shows any artist how to make a successful living from their work. Cory Huff dispels the myth of the starving artist and provides the effective business strategies necessary to make artistic creations pay. He helps individual artists find their niche; outlines the elements essential for an effective website; and provides invaluable advice on e-mail marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and paid advertising—explaining how to tie all these online activities into offline success.

Most importantly, he shares the secret to overcoming the biggest challenge artists face when self-marketing: learning how to tell their unique stories. Every artist has a reason for making art, but can’t always find the right way to express it. Huff provides exercises artists can use to clarify the intellectual and emotional process behind their art, and teaches them how turn that knowledge into stories they can tell online and in person—and expand their reach through blogs and social media to build their art business.

Drawing from the stories of successful artists, thoroughly describing how art is sold today, and providing tips on how to build connections personally and electronically, How to Sell Your Art Online illustrates the countless ways artists can take control of their creative careers—and sell their work without selling out."

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